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To encourage, foster, promote and develop
research, progress and information concerning
the science of biomaterials, as well as to
promote, initiate, sustain and bring to a
satisfactory conclusion research with others
and programs of development and information
in this particular field.

To collaborate with other associations and
bodies whose efforts are directed at the same
objectives and whose interest are allied with or
are similar to those of the Society itself.
To promote the propagation of scientific
information through publications and meetings.
To co-operate with other scientific
organizations, governmental and private
bodies, both national and international, in
order to establish specifications and standards
for biomaterials in general.
To encourage progress in the field of
biomaterials in all its aspects, including
research, teaching and clinical applications, as
well as to foster any other activity pertinent

The European Society for Biomaterials was founded in March 1976, and became a member of the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Sciences and Engineering (IUS-BSE) at its conception in 1979.   The ESB today has approximately 600 members from 27 different countries worldwide.

If you are interested in joining the ESB, please check out our Member Benefits and for more information on the history of the ESB.

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