News about credits

Picture this: You are sitting at a table stacked high with bills due for payment and you are short of cash; maybe you have even overstayed with some bills and are therefore looking at a few late notices. You need money and you need it now. Enter to compare all kind of credits and choose the best conditions.

100000 euro credit

With a 100,000 euro kredit you can do one or the other … Whether you want to buy a car or make major renovations – with such a large loan amount you should not take the first offer, but thoroughly compare the various conditions. It is best to compare it to the effective interest rate. Simply because all fees associated with borrowing have to be reported here. Thus, this interest rate gives you an overview of the total cost of your loan. What you need to do to get a loan of this amount?

You only need to provide sufficient collateral. A clean Schufa belongs here, as well as a permanent employment, majority and a German residence.

Corporate credit

It does not matter whether you are a self-employed person and need a real estate loan for your business or need operating resources – this is easy with the company loan! As with all other loans, you must apply for the loan to prove your credit worthiness and collateral. Make the most of the possibilities of commercial lending and exclude a personal loan. The interest on firmenkredite is cheaper than on a personal loan, so that even small businesses and self-employed can remain more liquid and finance acquisition for the company. In terms of collateral, it is recommended to hedge through the company and not over private property. Another security is that you register the bank as owner in the land register. Compare your corporate loan in terms of flexibility and find the best deal!

Consumer credit

The nice thing about a consumer credit? It is a free installment loan offered by banks and savings banks. So you can buy anything you want and you do not have to spend your money on something – for example. unlike a car loan. The interest rates are significantly lower than the credit line and you can also use the konsumkredit to replace other loans and repay. When comparing, pay attention to transparent conditions, flexible terms and variable credit rates. The interest rates are of course not completely ignored, because long maturities are usually associated with higher interest rates.