News about online marketing

What exactly is meant by the term SEO?

SEO is the short form for search engine optimization. That is, for optimizing a page for search engines. The better the SEO is adapted to the respective search engine, the faster it will be found, which means that this page is also displayed further up in a search. This can be explained by a simple example.

For example, if a user searches for auto parts, he also enters this search term in a search engine. The search engine scans the Internet for pages that have the word auto parts as MetaTag deposited. Likewise also texts on the sides are considered. If the word happens very frequently, this page is considered optimal and displayed to the user above. The MetaTags play a special role, as they ultimately represent the exact identification of a page. Here is how it defines what the page deals with in detail. Of course, several tags can be defined here.

What does an SEO agency do?

An SEO agency develops concepts on how to best build the site so that it is easy to find for users. As already described above, it is particularly important to the MetaTags and keywords, so the search terms. An SEO agentur like Pixelwerker creates special patterns for the customer here, which optimize the page in such a way that it is displayed much higher up in the search, without having to display it as an „ad“. This possibility is also known from various search engines.

However, during the display, it is only switched temporarily. A site that has been adjusted by an SEO agency remains in the upper range and increases by the frequency of clicks by users more and more. Until finally to the top.

What costs are incurred by an SEO agency for the customer?

The costs for an SEO agency always depend entirely on the respective effort. That is, here you can not name an exact number. In addition, such agencies have different prices from home. As a customer you should get some offers in advance and compare them exactly. Interesting is not only the price but what exactly everything is included in the package. Because even here there are differences. For example, some agencies only offer the optimization of MetaTags. Other agencies offer SEO workshops

Although this also counts under the term SEO, but is far from everything. Therefore, it is recommended to always get several offers and only then to make a decision.

Conclusion on SEO and SEO agency

Optimal SEO is today the key to a successful website. Therefore, an SEO agency is also always in high demand and generally fraught with many orders. As a customer, you have to put up with some waiting time. This is worthwhile, however, because aligning a page is enormously important.

Good online marketing agenturen like Pixelwerker usually have a somewhat longer waiting time, but are also equipped with much more know-how. Thus, it can be said that waiting for such an agency is much better than choosing any agency.