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How well a letter of application is drawn up decides whether an applicant is invited to an interview or not. The certificates and references can not be changed. The situation is different with the application letter.

Here, the bewerber can score points by adhering to the formal criteria and building sympathy and curiosity towards his person. If you want to write a successful application, you should therefore focus on the cover letter. It is important to keep an eye on the goal of the application.

The application letter can not lead to a new job. It should only serve to make the potential employer better acquainted with the applicant in a conversation. The better the letter of application, the shorter the path to the new job.

Writing an application needs preparation

Before you start writing, prepare yourself a little bit. Research about the company and get a first impression of the job in question. The Internet allows you to gather information. Through this image, it is easier for you to hit the right tone. It also follows that every application has to be worked out on its own.

Writing an application has nothing to do with a mailing. Bulk shipments with standard formulations do not make sense. Every recipient wants to feel that you mean exactly his application letter. Write an application in the correct form The form of a letter is subject to formal conditions, which should be strictly adhered to. This also means that the letter makes a good impression at first glance. Anyone who sends the letter of application by mail, should therefore pay attention to a clean print and high quality paper. Environmental paper and 80 gsm paper are to be avoided.

The paper should be white and have a thickness of 90 to 100 gsm. The edges should be clearly recognizable and the text should be broken into meaningful paragraphs to make it easier to read and understand. However, it is not enough with the visual impression alone. There are other important formal criteria for a good application. Sender and recipient must be correct and complete Salutation and sender must be correct. This includes giving your own address in full. The mail address and the telephone number are absolutely necessary. This information makes it easier for the hiring manager or employer to respond to your cover letter without having to look for the other documents for your telephone number or e-mail address.

Not always all documents stay together. In large companies, CVs, cover letters and credentials may be spread across three departments. The address of the company you must of course specify correctly. If you know what the hiring manager is called, your application will be sent to his hands. The same applies, of course, to a hiring manager. If you are unfamiliar with this information, write to the Human Resources Department.

In the title, the name always makes much better than an impersonal „Dear Ladies and Gentlemen“. If necessary, you simply call in the company and ask for the name of the responsible employee. If you want to know more about allgemeine themen und trends regarding the application, check out