News about getting pregnant

With every baby you see, does a slight yearning arise in you? You acknowledge every pregnancy belly with a jealous look and in the vicinity of baby products you give off a slight „oh“? Then there are the signs of a desire for a child and a longing for a pregnancy. Of course, before you drop the pill quickly, you should of course discuss the desire to have a baby with your partner. Even though getting pregnant can be „your job,“ pregnancy should be decided together.

Are we ready for a baby?

Having a great partner does not necessarily mean having a good father by your side. You can part with a partner or husband, and you will probably have contact with your child’s father all your life. So you should think about the desire to have children longer and also talk in detail with your partner about a future baby.

Lifestyle changed by pregnancy You should just realize that a pregnancy and a baby will fundamentally change your life. Party nights, spontaneous meetings with friends, work and hobbies all have to start behind the baby and usually stay away completely.

In the first few years, a baby needs attention around the clock: it even follows the mother to the bathroom, cries when she wants to sleep, and can often be quite exhausting. Who gets a baby, should be aware that behind the sweet thing is a lot of work and effort. You have to go in the outside with a kinderwagen and show your baby the world.

Some may wonder why mothers exchange evenings with friends for sleepless nights full of shouting. The answer includes a word: love. Mothers take a lot of effort out of love for their child. If you are ready as a mother and you as a couple, you can choose to become pregnant.

Will I be a good mother?

Nobody can answer this question in advance. Nobody comes to the world as perfect mother: winding, breastfeeding, educating, everything you have to learn first. The criterion to become pregnant should be that you really have a desire to have a baby and not just want to get pregnant because the biological clock is ticking or family and friends are expecting it. Tips to become pregnant There are many myths circulating about how a woman can develop more fertility and how pregnancy can be sped up. In fact, there are a few tips to help you get pregnant.

Waiver of Nikotion and alcohol

Even before the actual pregnancy, women and men should stop smoking. Nikotion reduces the amount of semen and testosterone production. And even part-time smokers have significantly worse chances of fertilization of the egg than non-smokers. Alcohol not only reduces erectile dysfunction, but also affects the fertility of the woman and the quality and quantity of the sperm. Starting with five glasses of beer or wine per week, the woman’s fertility decreases by as much as 40 percent.

Create an ovulation calendar

Get involved with your own cycle. You can calculate fertile days with an ovulation calculator, also called cycle calculator. For 12 to 18 hours after ovulation, the ovum can only be fertilized, so there are only six days in the ovulation calendar that you can actually get pregnant. Most ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before menstruation.

So you can also enter into your ovulation calendar without ovulation calculator, when you are fertile, or can become pregnant. Even your gynecologist has such an ovulation calculator. The gynecologist can also recommend an ovulation test. So if you have a kinderwunsch go and visit for further information and also regarding other topics and recommendations regarding babyartikel