News about product tests

The drugstore product guide

From the elektrische zahnbürste to the epilierer – With our great drugstore product guide, we help you keep track of the jungle of bathroom product offerings. Our drugstore expert Daniela Berger-Winkler has tested various products for care and hygiene for a comprehensive and high-quality consultation. In her drugstore product tests, she presents the five test winners by comparison.

In the Shaver Test, Epilator Test, Electric Toothbrush Test and Dental Floss Test, you will find detailed information on each of the „Top 5“ products to determine which model is right for you and your bathroom.

But what factors are crucial in such a drogerie test? And how do I recognize a functioning razor or a high-quality dental floss? In order to offer you answers to these questions, we have put together a detailed sales guide for you in addition to the product presentation. There you will find out what to look for when buying shavers or epilators and what criteria an electric toothbrush or a dental floss should absolutely fulfill.

We help you to live and to live cleaner and more well-groomed. With the right products, the daily morning routine becomes a pleasure. Anyone looking for high-quality care in the morning will find it easier to get out of bed. In addition, the right bath products help to improve the health of the skin and body in the long term.

Product test hobbies and sports – find the right leisure product for you

Everybody has different hobbies, which he likes to do in his free time. For some, it is a sport that is like running, for others it is playing the keyboard. Various vehicles, such as e-mountainbikes or motorroller, are also featured in these various product tests. In general, we would like to introduce you to a variety of hobbies and leisure products. So you are guaranteed to find exactly the product that suits you. Especially with higher priced categories, such as electric pianos or racing bikes, this is an advantage.